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Spies and Lies, a captain marvel fanfic
Summary: Yon-Rogg is working undercover on C-53 in an attempt to locate the power core. What he didn’t plan on was growing close to Mar-Vel’s associate, Carol Danvers. Prompt: The Team observes Mar-vell and who she interacts with and want to find a way to get into the complex where they believe the Tesseract to be.
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Avengers, Slayer, Devil and Stones Chapter 9: 7 months …

Then he saw Carol Danvers blasting Yon-Rogg away after he demanded a fight. “I have nothing to prove to you.” He then looked at Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Drax together handling the energy of the Power Stone as Quill said.
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It’s strange what desire will make foolish people
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Marvel Yon-Rogg x human to Kree! female reader Warning: curse words, violence Specifics: angst, romance, one-shot, race neutral reader People: yon-rogg, carol danvers Words: 1,007 Requested: By @cas-sauntered-vaguely-downwards @cas
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The beginning of a hero the beginning of a hero: Chapter …

The beginning of a hero Author’s not: Hello this is my first ever Fanfiction. For many years I have been enjoying many stories on here. So I was thinking about making my own stories. I’m a marvel fan and enjoy the movies so I wanted to mix it together . Starts with
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Anonymous said: I just wanna say that your yon-rogg imagine is the best think ever I can’t wait for part 2 hdjdakckf Answer: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You guys are drowning me
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Should I?
Just wanted to know if anyone is interested in these characters, I could do a catch up for them. Erik Killmonger Heimdall Yon-Rogg Vision Happy Hogan Let me know ASAP and I might end up doing all of them just in case. Love u bye!!!!
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 · Includes Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Peter P & Peter Q, Scott, Pietro, Steven, Bucky, Clint, Loki, T’Challa, Sam, Happy, Vision, Heimdall, Yon-Rogg, and Erik. Fanfiction Romance Short Stories Steve Sam Marvel Tony Peter Loki Thor Avengers Peter Parker Bucky Barnes Dr Strange Peter Quill Gardians Of The Galaxy
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Fanfiction Romance Kim Seokjin Kim Nam Joon Min Yon The starting of the story mainly it is your point of view, you, unlike any other girl, is in love with their song instead of the Bangtan members. Read to find out what they’ll do to make you like them.
You have to fight all of the current villains from MCU and DCU weakest to strongest. one at a time. you get 1 fictional armour. weapon. and ...
Yon-Rogg is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is an alien Kree, a military commander whose weakness is his jealousy of the accomplishments of others and his love for the medic Una. He is sent to supervise the troublesome planet Earth. He is primarily a foe of Captain Marvel, specifically the
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Yon-Rogg lui avait expliqué qu’elle avait ces pouvoirs grce à un élément greffé dans son cou qui pouvait lui être retiré à tout moment si elle ne savait pas le matriser. Ce jour ne fit pas exception, malgré l’excellent niveau de Vers et son acharnement, ce n’était toujours pas assez pour Yon-Rogg.
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Yon-Rogg, preparado para matar o seu inimigo, mira sua arma nele, quando Una aparece na frente e o tiro a acerta, assim, Una cai morta ao lado de Mar-Vell, que após ver o corpo dela, chuta Yon-Rogg. Yon perde sua arma e Mar-Vell a pega, atirando em seu inimigo e matando-o, mas nota que Skrulls estão vindo e sai correndo até a nave de escape, então liga e após, Hala explode.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe is a multimedia film franchise based on Marvel comics. 1 About 2 Characters 3 Ships 3.1 Het 3.2 Slash 3.3 Femslash 3.4 Non-binary 3.5 Poly 3.6 Friend 3.7 Family 3.8 Cargo 4 Fandom 5 List This page serves as a blanket category for
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Oct 2, 2020 – Explore Miami lisborn’s board “Marvel fanfiction” on Pinterest. See more ideas about marvel fanfiction, marvel, avengers story. Fun intro for the original Avengers team in the style of the popular TV show Friends.Editing: Premiere ProGraphics: Photoshop
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And this one wasn’t even that big—find Yon-Rogg, who’d supposedly been deposited on a literal trash planet called Sakaar. Yet it’d been a day on this planet and Carol hadn’t found him. Apparently, getting in direct contact with the Grandmaster, some jittery, glitter-covered immortal being with a hard on for arena-fighting and slavery, was less than simple.