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Aortic regurgitation
 · Summary Aortic regurgitation is a valvular heart disease characterized by incomplete closure of the aortic valve leading to the reflux of blood from the aorta into the left ventricle (LV) during diastole.Aortic regurgitation can be acute (primarily caused by bacterial endocarditis or aortic dissection) or chronic (e.g., due to a congenital bicuspid valve or rheumatic fever) and may be caused
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6 Reasons You Are Regurgitating and How to Stop It
Regurgitation is when food, liquid, or stomach acid flows back up from the stomach and into the mouth. It can happen from eating too fast. Or if you are overweight or pregnant. If it …
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Regurg. Wing
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Tricuspid regurgitation diagnosis and treatment
Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is the most common lesion of the tricuspid valve (TV). Mild TR is common and usually is benign. However, moderate or severe TR can lead to irreversible myocardial damage and adverse outcomes. Despite these findings, few patients with
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What You Should Know About Tricuspid Regurgitation

Many people with tricuspid regurgitation are very surprised to learn that they have a heart valve issue because they feel fine. Their doctors are often as surprised as they are, and may not know what to make of it. Fortunately, it is usually pretty straightforward for your
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Staging of Mitral Regurgitation
Mitral regurgitation (MR), a “leaky” mitral valve, is the most common type of heart valve disease. Some people with MR often have no symptoms and can remain stable for many years and often for their whole lives. However, in other people, MR eventually produces
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Causes of Regurgitation in Pet Birds
A Behavioral Trait Regurgitation in pet birds is not a medical problem. It is a behavioral trait that presents itself when a bird is exposed to certain types of stimulation. While it can be unpleasant for bird owners to deal with, it’s important to recognize the causes of
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16.2.2 How to assess pulmonary hypertension
To detect pulmonary hypertension it is necessary to measure pulmonary artery pressure. The most direct and exact way of measuring pulmonary artery pressure is by means of right heart catheterization. With the help of a “balloon catheter” (i.e. a Swan-Ganz
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Fetal tricuspid regurgitation
Tricuspid regurg in the fetus Foetal TR Fetal TR Foetal tricuspid regurgitation Fetal tricuspid insufficiency ADVERTISEMENT: Supporters see fewer/no ads Cases and figures Case 1: pulsed Doppler Case 1: pulsed Doppler Drag here to reorder. Case 1: color
Tricuspid regurgitation
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ASE’s Mitral Regurgitation Algorithm Simplified!

Now that we have covered all the methods for evaluating mitral regurgitation (MR), let’s put it to use! The ASE released an algorithm as a guide to help determine the severity of chronic MR, using both qualitative, semi-quantitative & quantitative measures. We understand how crazy this algorithm looks, so we are going to break it down to […]
Mitral Regurgitation Progression -- How Quickly?
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The following describes changes that occur in the left ventricular pressure-volume loop when there is mitral regurgitation.In mitral valve regurgitation (red pressure-volume loop in figure), as the left ventricle contracts, blood is not only ejected into the aorta but also