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NetScaler 10.5 Global Server Load Balancing
To modify a GSLB virtual server, use the set gslb vserver command, which is just like using the add gslb vserver command, except that you enter the name of an existing GSLB virtual server. To reset a parameter to is default value, you can use the unset gslb vserver command followed by the vserverName value and the name of the parameter to be unset.
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Gslb-primer FINAL 1019
add gslb vserver app_name SSL PersistenceType sourceIP add gslb service nyc1-https SSL 443 -siteName nyc sitePersistence ConnectionProxy add gslb service nyc1-http HTTP 80 -siteName nyc sitePersistence ConnectionProxy bind
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NetScaler 10.5 – Carl Stalhood

If you intend to bind multiple GSLB Services to this GSLB vServer, then you can optionally check the box for Send all “active” service IPs. By default, GSLB only gives out one IP per DNS query. This checkbox always returns all IPs, but the IPs are ordered based on the GSLB Load Balancing Method and/or GSLB Persistence.
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Load balance ADFS 3.0 using Netscaler

Where IPAddress:port = listening IP address for ADFS requests. eg. “″ for all addresses certhash = copy and paste value from previous show command appid = copy and paste value from previous show command including {}’s Note : By the way if you change these settings it also allows for client OS’es or Browser that doesn’t support SNI (like Windows XP) to use ADFS 3.0.
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AX GSLB Guide v2 7 0-20121010
AX Load Balancer
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GSLB Sync Ports: To use GSLB Configuration Sync, open ports TCP 22 and TCP 3008 (secure) from the NSIP (management IP) to the remote public MEP IP. The GSLB Sync command runs a script in BSD shell and thus NSIP is always the Source IP. In ADC
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 · PDF 檔案 · Which command should a Citrix Administrator use to configure a Content Switching virtual server for implementing the Secure Web Gateway in the transparent proxy mode? A. add cs vserver swgVS PROXY 80 –Authn401 on –authnVsName explicit-auth-vs
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Useful command-line troubleshooting tools The tmsh and tmctl utilities include commands for troubleshooting device trust and device group operations. For detailed reference material on tmsh commands, see the F5 Networks ® knowledge base at
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Citrix NetScaler traffic capture using nstrace and …

I read the Citrix documentation, unfortunately version 11.0, where it was described, but I didn’t found it on my 11.1-machine (VPX on an SDX 11500), neither in manual nor in command short help: NSVPX1_Primary#> start nstrace -nf 21 -time 120 -size 0 -mode
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ipmitool from the Citrix ADC SDX XenServer command line For MPX, you can run ipmitool from the BSD shell. Crossover Ethernet cable from a laptop with an IP address in the network. Ipmitool Method: For SDX, SSH to the XenServer IP address (not
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Later you reference these index values in a Traffic Policy/Profile by using the expression HTTP.REQ.USER.ATTRIBUTE(#). Click Create. Note: if you later edit the Login Schema .xml file, the changes might not be reflected until you edit the Login Schema Profile
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NetScaler and IPv6 Configuration Commands

Note: There is no support for remove NSIP command. Support for automatic link-local configuration. SNIP/VIP support. ping6, telnet (telnet -6), and SSH (ssh -6) support. In IPv6 Offload Mode, NetScaler runs with a V6-V4 lookup table which translates an IPv6
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OOS (Office Online Server) for Sharefile Step-by-Step

 · As I am redoing from scratch my Lab and I have ShareFile, I would like to enjoy the Office Online preview and editing features. Here after are all the detailed steps to accomplish that. LAB Infra Here after is the infrastructure that will be used to make OOS available Base on …
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Network modules — Ansible Documentation

netscaler_gslb_site – Manage gslb site entities in Netscaler netscaler_gslb_vserver – Configure gslb vserver entities in Netscaler netscaler_lb_monitor – Manage load balancing monitors netscaler_lb_vserver – Manage load balancing vserver configuration
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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) Upgrades – …

Navigation Change Log Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) Versions Version Numbering Release Notifications Release Classifications – LTSR, CR Carl, we have 7.15 LTSR with 2008 R2 environment, and we want to upgrade to a new os. If I build a new